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Sparkling Feats

Sparkling feats in times of distant teaching

In Zeiten des Fernunterrichts reichen unsere Schüler:innen ihre geschriebenen bzw. per Audio und Video aufgenommenen Arbeitsergebnisse über das Schulportal Hessen ein. Wir freuen uns immer sehr über die große Anzahl der meist sehr gelungenen (Fern-)Unterrichtsprodukte.

Unter diesen befinden sich auch einige kleine Perlen, die unserer Meinung nach besonders zu würdigen sind und daher auf mehr als nur unserer eigenen Bildschirmoberfläche aufleuchten sollten. Deshalb möchten wir Ihnen an dieser Stelle gerne die „sparkling feats“ dieser außergewöhnlichen Zeit präsentieren. Hören, sehen und erfreuen Sie sich an den wunderbaren Produkten.

Ihre Englischlehrkräfte

Hinweis: Alle hier abgebildeten sparkling feats werden mit dem Einverständnis der Schüler:innnen veröffentlicht.


A radio report: emergency at Sports Day

Schülerinnen der Klasse 6c

Aufgabenstellung: It's sports day at Adorno-Gymnasium. For class 6, there is a football tournament. Class 6c is playing in the final against class 6d. One student from class 6d is really unfair and in the end he fouls a student of class 6c so badly that she falls and breaks her arm. The ambulance arrives ... Everybody is really upset.

Make and record a radio report about the story with a news reporter, a reporter at the scene and an eyewitness (a student from another class who saw the foul).

Listen to the radio reports of Matilda, Martha, Lotte and Laura


A podcast: A sporty person's interview

Schüler:innen der Klasse 6c

Aufgabenstellung: Make a podcast about about a sporty person that you like very much (a footballer, a hockey player, a person in E-Sport, a coach etc.). Use and add background music and/or sound effects to your recordings.

Listen to Nova: A podcast about Kobe Bryant

Listen to Hanna: A podcast about Tom Brady


The weather forecast as a political speech

Schüler:innen der Klasse 10a

While long distance teaching is creeping on and on class 10a proves that they have not lost their bite. Read some examples of what the students of this class have produced. It’s amazing… 

Aufgabenstellung: Turn a weather forecast (i.e. Mount Raven, Alberta, Canada) into a political speech using rhetorical devices creatively to jazz up the weather report.

"Hello concerned citizens of Mount Raven" by Margee, Eleni, Hewad and Erhan

"Stay safe, stay warm, don’t catch a cold" by Gurpreet

"I love seasons – an adaptation from 'Hellsing' " by Joshua


A podcast: My greatest accomplishment in sports

Schüler:innen der Klasse 6c


  • Have you ever run a marathon or won a championship with your team/sports club?
  • You‘re not a sporty person? Then think about something in terms of sports you always wanted to achieve and write about it!

Write your report. Then present it in a podcast using (length: 2 minutes +/- 30 seconds).

Listen to Antons podcast

Listen to Matildas podcast


London Tour

Schüler:innen der Klasse 6b

Aufgabenstellung: At the moment, travelling to London is difficult, so we have to travel there in our imagination. This week and next week, we are going to go on a tour of London. There is an online noticeboard for our tour. Everybody is going to write about one sight. First, read the information on the Padlet and watch the video about using Padlet. Then search information on ‘your’ sight on the internet and answer all the questions. Write a text about your sight and post it on the Padlet. Write full sentences. You can also add a picture of your sight.

Passwort: londinium

Im Anschluss an die Padlet-Aufgabe hat die 6b noch gemeinsam ein Quiz entworfen:

Aufgabenstellung: Think back to our Padlet about London. You all wrote about one sight. Now, create a quiz question about your sight with four possible answers. I am then going to create a London Kahoot for you with your questions. The answer to your questions must be in your text on the Padlet.


Do mudlarks really exist?

Schüler:innen der Klasse 6c


You already know a lot about mudlarks in London from the story in the textbook. But do mudlarks really exist or is it just a story? Find out more about mudlarks on the internet (you can use YouTube too). Tell me your findings in a short audio comment (in English).

Listen to: Nova

Listen to: Matilda

Listen to: Anton

The view from our windows

Schüler:innen der Klasse 7c


Take a picture of the view from your window and describe what you see, hear, smell and how you feel.

Padlet "View from our windows" (Passwort: window)

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A travel blog: London on £50 a day

Schüler:innen der Klasse 6c


If you are in London as a tourist and want to see many sights in one day, you've got two problems:

  1. It's hard to visit all the sights in a short amount of time.
  2. London is a very expensive city (for example, visiting Mme Tussaud's is £34).

Task: Collect tips and activities for a class trip called "London on £50 a day (which is still a lot of money for each classmate!). Write a (future) travel blog.

Padlet "London on £50 a day" (Passwort: Adorno)

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School Rules at Adorno-Gymnasium

Schüler:innen der Klasse 5c


Think about the school rules at Adorno-Gymnasium. Do you remember all of them? Draw 6 rules at Adorno-Gymnasium and write the rule for every picture. Use the imperative!




My fantasy town

Schülerin: Ada Stürmer (5b)

Aufgabenstellung: Draw a map of your fantasy town. Include lots of fun places to go.

Butterfly Town Ada Stürmer


A brochure about Frankfurt

Schülerinnen: Laiba Mahmoud und Kira Wendisch (5b)

Aufgabenstellung: Draw a map of your fantasy town. Include lots of fun places to go.

Palmengarten Flyer von Laiba Mahmoud

Frankfurt Flyer von Kira Wendisch

Native American Tribes

Schüler*innen: Jessica, Amira, Kalpita, Imane und Ornel (9b)

Aufgabenstellung: Create an informational leaflet about a Native American tribe.

Poem: “My family”

Aufgabenstellung: Read the poem “My family”. If you want to, you can write a similar poem about your family and illustrate it.

My family

This is my father,
He is very tall.
This is my brother,
He is very small.
This is my sister,
She is fond of tea.
This is my mother,
She is fond of me!

Bild 1: Sorina Ginu (5b)

Bild 2: Matej Kuzman (5b)

Bild 3: Insa Neumann (5b)

A brochure about Frankfurt

Schüler: Deniz Ege (6e)

Aufgabenstellung: Imagine you were waiting for some exchange students from Brighton/England coming to Frankfurt for a week. Some of them stay in Frankfurt, others go to famous cities all over Germany, such as Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Dresden, Leipzig etc.!
Now, please pick one of those cities and produce a brochure with the most interesting sights to visit. Please, find pictures of those sights and write a short text about its history and about what your English guests can actually see and do there. (four distinct sights for a minimum!)

Frankfurt Deniz Ege

A student’s life during the Corona-crisis

Schülerin: Marcella Batista dos Santos (6e)

Aufgabenstellung: You have been staying at home for three weeks, now and I am really interested in getting to know how you feel about it.

  1. So please write a text of about 200 words in which you report about your daily routines during the past five weeks highlighting at least one very great and one very negative experience.
  2. Do you think life is better when you do not have to go to school, every day? Write down
    what you think giving reasons for your answer.

Corona life Batista Dos Santos Marcella

Roman Britain

Schüler: Juri Sohnle (7d)

Aufgabenstellung: Today and finally, I ask you to dig into your period in history (Elizabethan England, Roman times etc.), to revise what you have produced so far and then put it into text-form!  Please, include pictures, charts, timelines or other suitable graphic material into your paper!

Roman Britain Juri Sohnle 7d


A dialogue with mom

Schülerin: Martha Holz (5c)

Aufgabenstellung: In Easter holidays, you want to relax and chat with your classmates, but your parents tell you to do something for school. Write a dialogue between you and your parents. Use at least two positive, two negative sentences and two questions. Record your dialogue (e. g. with your voice recorder app of your smartphone) and upload it to Schulportal.

Audiodatei 1: english_dialogue_Martha


My favourite sport

Schülerin: Aya Asbai (6d)

Aufgabenstellung: What is your favourite sport? 
Prepare a short talk, record yourself and upload it to Schulportal.

Audiodatei 2: talk_on_favourite_sport_Aya