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12. Juli 2023

Adorno in Finnland


Erster interkultureller Schüleraustausch des Adorno-Gymnasiums Frankfurt und der Iitin Lukio in Finnland „city versus country“. Schülerinnen und Schüler der beiden Englisch-Vorleistungskurse der E-Phase nahmen zum ersten Mal an einem Schüler:innenaustausch des Adorno Gymnasiums mit der finnischen Stadt Iitti teil.

Vom 08. bis zum 13. Mai 2023 lernten 11 Schüler:innen und die finnische Kultur in ihren Gastfamilien kennen, machten viele Ausflüge, erhielten einen Einblick in das finnische Schulsystem und das Leben auf dem Land und sprachen fast ausschließlich Englisch. Vom 9. bis zum 14. Oktober 2023, werden wir den Rückaustausch starten und unsere finnischen Austauschschüler:innen in Frankfurt begrüßen. Darauf freuen uns bereits sehr! Getting curious? Please read our exchange student’s comments about the intercultural exchange with Finland and their personal experiences. Also, watch the link for more visuals. Maybe you’ll be part of our next intercultural exchange with Finland? We are already looking forward to it, come on board!  We also want to thank all the exchange partners and their families, the teachers of Iitin Lukio and the principle for their hospitality, kindness, their time and great effort to make this special intercultural exchange project possible!

Sincerely Mrs Jörgensen, Mrs Ruppert and all the exchange students from year 11.

Travel Report 1

We had the great pleasure of spending a week with a host family in Finland, learning about the country’s culture and activities was very memorable. The visit was a unique experience that we will not forget.

One of the highlights of our visit was the opportunity to cook German dishes with the school class and also getting to know the Finnish cuisine by cooking. We were surprised how enthusiastic the students were and how much they enjoyed learning how to prepare German specialties such as Kaiserschmarren and Mamorkuchen. It was amazing to see them opening up to new things and them becoming familiar with the German culture.

Another highlight was the hike through the forest. We were surprised by the weather since Finland is known for its cold climate, the nature was beautiful, and it was very relaxing to walk through the forest and breathe the fresh air. Finns have a deep connection to nature, and we quickly understood why.

We also had the opportunity to learn more about Finnish culture. A big part of that culture is going to the sauna. Finnish people usually have one or two saunas at their disposal and use them almost every week or maybe even every other day. We also played sports and gained knowledge of Finnish games like Finnish baseball, where we also listened to traditional Finnish music and chatted with the locals. We were impressed by the hospitality and openness of the Finns. They were very friendly, and they were happy when we showed interested in their culture.

We were very interested in the Finnish school system, since it’s very different to the German one. It encourages students to be creative and gain knowledge about things you actually need in life such as cooking and build shelves or knives.

We got to see the Finnish youth and how they function together as a group by spending time together for example going to restaurants, going on a picknick, taking a swim in a lake and going to the sauna afterwards and felt a sense of community being there resulting in finding possible lifelong friends who we will always be able to remember.

Overall, visiting Finland was an unforgettable experience. We learned a lot about Finnish culture and the people of the country, and we are grateful for the opportunity to spend a week with a host family and the locals. We felt very welcome, and we hope to have the opportunity to return to this beautiful country someday.

Michelle and Emmy (Jahrgang 11)

Travel Report 2

I, Carlo, had the chance to take part in a six-day intercultural exchange to Iitti, Finland. We flew there on Monday the 8th, May 2023, and I arrived at the host family in the evening. When I got there the first thing we did was visiting the grandfather of my exchange partner Anssi. After that, we drove to my host families home, which was far away from the city and the school. There I got to meet the rest of his family. Anssi has 3 older siblings, from which I only met 2. I think I can say that I have had a lot of luck with the family that kindly took me in. All of them were so nice and friendly. I was hearty welcomed and treated like a son. After getting to know the family, we have had dinner. Dinner was typical Finnish, we ate rice por- ridge with frozen berries and Karajalanpiirakka (Finnish rice cake). The meal was lovely, but I still don't know how these giant nordic men from my host family were not hungry after that dinner... On Tuesday, we went on a little trip around town and got to know the nature and location of Iitti. We drove to a little hill nearby, went up on it and had a superb view from it. This Tuesday was pretty boring because when we got home from school there was nothing to do. My host family's house is so far away that there lived no friends nearby or that there were any activities you could do. I think that is one of the biggest differences between Iitti and Frankfurt, it is like city versus country. After living 6 days in the countryside, I can now say that I am lucky to live in a city where I can see my friends every day, and it never gets boring. Still, that does not mean that there are no pros to live on the countryside. I've enjoyed my week there because it was so calm and relaxing. If I am being honest, it felt a little bit like a vacation during school time. But Tuesday was the only boring day in Finland. On Wednesday, we were on a trip to Helsinki, which is a lovely city. We were on a city tour with a guide, who told us some interesting facts about the city, and its tourist attractions, which was pretty fun. That tour guide also showed us the world's most modern bib from which I thought at first it will be boring to see, but it was not. I liked it so much that I even came back to it in my free time. But the best day on that exchange was the Thursday. On Thursday, we went to school with our exchange partners. It was exciting to get to know the Finnish school system, which shall be the best in the world. I was very surprised when I got to school there because school just seemed so easy there. It felt a bit like having no restrictions and only doing whatever you want in class. For example, in my first class there, only 8 other stu- dents were participating but no one was paying attention to the teacher and the teacher seemed to be fine with it. It was crazy to see, but honestly I am glad to go to school in Germany because I do want to learn and be prepared for my Abitur. After the classes, we went outside with the Finnish students and played the Finnish version of baseball. It was fun to play, but it just is not my sport. After the sport activities we went to Johannes, who was the exchange partner of Leopold, his farm and worked on the field. At first, I thought that he was joking when he said that we were going to plant potatoes and work on the field. He was not. But actually it somehow was fun to do so and in the end we got a reward for doing such a good job. After the work we went to the sauna, in the hot tub and I jumped into the ice-cold lake which was located directly next to their house. It was a super fun day. But Friday was not less fun. We went to school again and afterwards we did a birthday party, for a friend who turned 18 years old, and a farewell party because it was our last day there. On Saturday, we drove back to Helsinki with a train, then took the flight to Düsseldorf. From Düsseldorf, we took another train to Cologne and finally from Cologne we took the ICE to Frankfurt. It was a crazy long drive, 12 hours for a flight which only takes two hours... But all in all I am glad that I took part in this intercultural exchange because I have had a lot of fun made some good experience for the rest of my life.

Carlo Wagner

Travel Report 3

City versus country - living in Finland

Right before our trip to Finland I couldn’t really imagine how it would be to live with a whole different family in another country where I have never been before. The flight to Finland was really fun and relaxing because some of my friends were also coming to Finland with me. When we arrived in Finland, we had to take a train for like one more hour before we finally got to the train station in Kausala, the little city where we got picked up by our host families. My exchange partner was Kerttu, besides her parents she had a younger brother and a very kind dog named Elsie. On the first day after we laded, we went for a short hike in the hills where we went by bus. The hike wasn’t long but it was a bit exhausting. On top of the hill, we had a wonderful view on the landscape and the big lake which looked like it is from a beer commercial in Germany. I will also show you a picture of the view at the end. After the hike we went down to the lake and grilled finish sausages. I think that this day was my favorite day from the whole trip to Finland. But I can’t forget the trip to Helsinki, which was also one of my favorite adventures from Finland. It was exhausting to walk through the city the whole day but it was definitely worth it. It was like a whole different type of living compared to where my host family lived. But what I absolutely loved about living there is that it was always so calm and quite there. On the last two days of our trip, we went to visit the school of our exchange partners, which was also a lot of fun. What impressed me the most, was that the students hat a big room in their school, where they had a pool table and table tennis. I really wish that maybe someday we also have that in Germany. The different classes in school were very interesting, because in Finland the school system is very different from the one, we know in Germany. To be real, I like it a lot more than in Germany. When we had to leave on our last day, a lot of the other students got very emotional, which I don’t really understand, but I respect it. To end this report I’d like to say, that I am very grateful for this experience to live with another family in a different country and that I’ve really enjoyed this whole trip with my English class. After this trip I’ve realized that I could imagine myself living in a landscape like we had in Finland. Also, I’d like to recommend anyone to take this exchange school trip to Finland because it was really beautiful! (Jakob)

Travel Report 4

Finland Adventure
Our trip to Finland was an exciting and enriching experience. As part of our English course, we embarked on a journey to immerse ourselves to Finnish culture and explore the beauty of the country. The two hour flight felt like a breeze as we
eagerly anticipated the adventures that awaited us.
On the first day, we arrived in Finland we were warmly welcomed by our host families. It was fascinating to meet our Finnish hosts and learn about their way of life. In the evening, We had a delightful dinner with our host families, experiencing traditional Finnish cuisine and exchanging stories.
The second day began with a visit to our school in litti. We had the chance to meet other host families and students who were also part of the program. tI was a great opportunity to make new friends and broaden our cultural horizons. Later, we ventured up a hill, which offered a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscapes. We enjoyed a delightful barbecue there, savoring the delicious food amidst the stunning scenery.
Wednesday took us on a unique adventure to a farm. The farm was home to an array of fascinating animals, including bunnies, peacocks, reindeers, ostriches, and more. We were thrilled to interact with these animals and learn about their habitats and characteristics. It was an extraordinary experience that left us in awe.
On Thursday, we had a school day with our Finnish counterparts. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with local students, practice our language skills, and learn more about the Finnish education system. After school, we headed to a sports ground and participated in a game of Finnish baseball. The game was filled with laughter and camaraderie, creating lasting memories of fun-filled moments.
Friday was anotherday at school, but with a twist. We collaborated with our Finnish friends to cook and prepare traditional Finnish and German dishes. It was a culinary exchange where we shared our cultural delicacies and learned new recipes.
The fusion of flavors and the joy of cooking together brought us closer and deepened our understanding of each other's cultures.
Sadly, Saturday marked the end of our memorable journey. We bid farewell to our Finnish friends and host families, with a tinge of sadness in our hearts. The bonds we formed and the experiences we shared will forever hold a special place in our memories.
Our trip to Finland was not only educational but also a celebration of cultural diversity and friendship. We returned to Germany with a renewed appreciation for Finnish culture and a sense of gratitude for the warm hospitality we received. Until we meet again, people of Finland!

Travel Report 5

The first thing coming to my mind is the house we lived in. Our host family had two houses that were surrounded by trees. Seeing the sun shining through the trees onto the houses was so beautiful. And yes of course the houses were red…

After remembering this scenery, a car drive comes to my head. One night we ate at another host family and then drove home afterwards. During this ride, the sun went down. I sat in the back of the car with another friend of mine. All we did for this drive, which took about 30 minutes, was starring out of the windows. We looked to the left. But while looking to the left, we knew we were missing the most beautiful scenery of all time on the right. So all we did was starring to the left turning our head, starring to the right, turning our head to the left and so on. And while doing that, we were in absolute disbelieve that nature could be this beautiful.

Also on the last evening we went to a lake to celebrate the birthday of one of our friends. It was just us and our finish hosts. Afterwards I think that this was probably the best evening of all. Of course, we went swimming in the lake and froze our b*tts off. But that wasn’t the highlight. The highlight was that we were there with a group of people that we only knew for less than a week. People we had not much time to become friends with. But we did. We celebrated a birthday together and had so much fun. Until now, I’m in contact with my host. We write probably every day for a bit and talk about the fun time our group had back in Finland on this exchange our just about what we did that day.

Oh, yes, and the last thing I want to tell you about was a hiking trip. The trip itself was quite fun. But the reason why I tell you about it, was the view we had.

After climbing a stony hill, we were able to see the entire landscape surrounding us. It was an endless seeming forest with gigantic lakes in it and every now and then a tiny red house could be seen. 

Overall, I’d say, that if you’re reading this because you’re thinking about going on an exchange trip too, do it! And if that exchange trip is to Finland, I hope for you that you do it. The trip was absolutely worth it!




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