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19. März 2024


and some other fun stuff

Hey everyone!

50 students from our year 7 and their teachers are back from a beautiful trip to England: five days of excitement and adventure, sightseeing and shopping! :)

After a long trip on the bus, we finally arrived in Norbury to meet our host families. Everybody was very excited and looking forward to finding out how English people live. 

On the next day we had an interesting sightseeing tour on the bus and experienced London’s hot spots Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Oxford Street by foot. We even did some shopping on our first day in London! Yeahhh!

The next day was different: Our nice bus driver drove us to Dover Castle, where we experienced medieval England and afterwards went on a little hike on top of the White Cliffs of Dover. We were very lucky because the weather was amazing – blue sky and no clouds! We even met some cows on our way. After the amazing hike, we went to Canterbury, a very nice little town, and then back to our host families in Norbury.

On Thursday and Friday we experienced London again and did a lot of walking – puh! But it was great because we went to the Globe Theatre and had a great tour guide, who even did some role plays with us. After that it was time for Borough Market’s famous chocolate strawberries - a little bit expensive but delicious! After our lunch there, we went to many famous sights like The Millenium Wheel, Big Ben, The Horse Guards and also to Buckingham Palace. In the afternoon we had a stopover at Madame Tussauds, where we met lots of celebrities – made of wax. ;)

And then it was already Friday! :(

We visited the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London – amazing! And went on a river cruise to Greenwich, where we saw the Greenwich meridian. It was a little bit like in our English books.

After that we got on the bus back to Germany.

It was a great trip and an interesting and exciting experience!

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