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Philosophy in year 11

Philosophy means questioning things as they seem to be, to gain knowledge and to come closer to finding truth. In this class we will attempt to answer the big questions in life by analyzing and discussing great philosophical ideas. Our main goal will be to use these philosophical insights to reflect on and assess our personal decisions and actions in life. In our first year classes will be guided by Immanuel Kant’s four leading questions:

What can I know? What ought I to do? What may I hope for? What is man?

These questions can be seen as an introduction to philosophy and already offer so many mind-blowing topics to talk about. Philosophy can seem a little overwhelming at times but we will make sure to approach those big ideas in small steps.

After all, this class is supposed to broaden your horizon on a whole new level and - if all goes well - even help you to find a deeper meaning in and understanding of your personal life. 

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